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Loyalty Quotes

1) War proves soldier loyalty

2) We should be proud of our principles.

3) I like people who are honest to themselves.

4) If you want to succeed in life then trust yourself.

family loyalty quotes

5) It is very difficult to prove how loyal you are to someone.

6) If a true woman is on your side then you are very powerful.

7) I belong to people who do not compare themselves to anyone else.

8) Only those who are loyal to their country hope for those close to them.

9) You do not have to compromise when you are loyal to someone.

10) The country’s military and own family are strong only when trust is strong.

Quotes About Loyalty

11) Only be loyal to loyal people.

12) Loyalty is born in your heart.

13) Loyalty also makes water nectar.

14) Value loyalty more than money.

15) Take care of who has great loyalty.

16) Selfish people are not entitled to loyalty.

17) Loyalty cannot be measured on any scale.

quotes on loyalty

18) Loyalty should not be bought with money.

19) The hardest fact to show loyalty to someone.

20) Cheating is the biggest sin, so be loyal to all.

21) My loyalty is a true honour for a special person.

22) Loyalty is the hardest to prove and ego is the easiest.

23) The loyalty tune is very sweet and keeps playing it.

24) Always be loyal to everyone, this will give you great comfort.

25) Only a person can be honest to others who are loyal to himself.

26) Loyalty is of great quality and even more difficult to maintain.

quotes about loyalty and friendship

27) If there is any allegiance to you, then you should not doubt it.

28) Loyalty to someone is a trade in which there is never a loss.

29) The loyalty of the wrong people will lead you to the wrong paths.

30) Remember, you may have to struggle a lot to be loyal to someone.

31) Loyalty is a precious gift. Before giving it, think about whether that person deserves it or not.

Short Loyalty Quotes

32) Confidence is sensitive, keep it safe.

33) Only the best man values others.

34) Honest from the heart, not to benefit.

35) Always keep a true friend in your heart.

trust and loyalty quotes

36) Stayed together to help, not to entertain people.

37) We will always be honest with each other till death.

38) Choose only the person who is worthy of your loyalty.

39) Honour bought with money can destroy you.

40) Keep people happy by giving them gifts and wishes.

Best Quotes On Loyalty

41) The true partner does not ban you.

42) The friendship-taker can be loyal to his family.

43) A person overcoming his jealousy and hatred succeeds.

44) If you care about me then I will sacrifice my life on you

45) Serving man is the biggest religion and you will surely get its results.

46) If you want to help someone, then you have to do it with integrity and honesty.

47) Before making a relationship with someone, make sure that you will really support them.

48) If a friendship has the qualities of loyalty, you can become true friends.

49) Honouring someone makes you great, but don’t expect it in return.

50) Trust is dead, if you want to keep it alive then you are always honest with your loved ones.

Trust And Loyalty Quotes

51) God bless the true relationship.

52) Your loyalty is the key to all your trouble.

53) Breaking one’s promise is like betraying God.

54) Befriend yourself if you want to find true friends.

55) Loyalty should be in your blood and not in your mind.

loyalty quotes for him

56) In true friendship, betrayal and deception have no place.

57) True friendship can only be felt cannot be judged.

58) A person who values God always loves his family.

59) Forgiving your loved ones makes you great, always do great things.

60) There is no number to measure fidelity; It can only be visible to others.

Honesty And Loyalty Quotes

61) Loyalty is not slavery.

62) Respect is earned, not bought.

63) Honest people are close to my heart

64) Love and honesty are deeper than the sea.

short loyalty quotes

65) A woman is tempted when her partner has nothing.

66) Loyalty is like a glue, it is necessary to stick it correctly.

67) Relationships are made not by blood but by giving respect.

68) Proud and courage makes you strong, always be honest with yourself.

69) It is very difficult to consistently honour someone because people change over time.

70) You have to understand the difference between loyalty and understanding.

Loyalty Love Quotes

71) Love and respect are not hidden.

72) My whole life is dedicated to loyalty.

73) Keep love and emotion pure for others.

74) A lie spoken in love hurts throughout life.

75) My love is full of sincere respect and pride.

76) People who respect love, conquer the world.

77) I will be loyal to you every morning I wish to god

78) Love and loyalty do not hurt any human being.

79) Love teaches you loyalty so always love everyone.

80) Loyalty is free but its valuation is very expensive.

81) I don’t need expensive things just give me your heart.

82) If nothing can end in the world, it is loyalty and love.

83) Your honesty only shows your character, always keep it clear.

84) You are my first choice and I will always be honest with you.

loyalty love quotes

85) Loyalty is a pledge that is difficult to keep but not impossible.

86) This year is special for me because you got a loyal person like you

87) Love and honesty cannot be measured, it can only be felt from the heart.

88) Keep a big heart to forgive because there are many people who break trust.

89) Giving love and respect is a workout, it will benefit you as much as you do.

90) Finding happiness for yourself should not be your moral objective, it should be your mission to share happiness with everyone.

Loyalty Quotes For Relationships

91) I am yours like every breath.

92) Truth is a rare quality in love.

93) Far from people who exploit loyalty.

94) Choose those who deserve your loyalty.

95) Loyalty should be a habit, not a privilege.

96) Your love should shine like a star in the sky.

97) Loyalty is meant to maintain a relationship.

98) Loyalty is the seed of a healthy relationship.

loyalty quotes for her

99) People who help others always deserve love.

100) Keep giving water of honour to your love tree.

101) Only those who trust in God can trust in love.

102) Success is achieved by building trust gradually.

103) Give your loyalty to someone who respects you.

104) Learn to express love and respect with emotion.

105) My loyalty is to those who are loyal to themselves.

106) Would you feel calm if you were loyal to someone

107) Loyalty is done from the heart and not from the mind.

108) My love and respect are forever, not today or tomorrow.

109) Stay away from people who are loyal in their time of need.

110) The relationship is like a tree if it is loved, it does not dry up.

Loyalty Quotes For Friends

111) Bad times test loyal friends.

112) True friends should tell their heart.

113) Loyalty is expected in true friendship.

114) True friends maintain loyalty to the end.

115) If I expect loyalty from someone it’s you

quotes loyalty

116) Not only money, you will also earn honest friends.

117) Only a friend can guarantee the loyalty of a friend.

118) Your wife and parents are your loyal friends, no one can replace them.

119) True friends are found by lucky people, if you have found them, keep them.

120) You should choose honest friends before getting hurt or else you will suffer a lot later

Loyalty Quotes For Him

121) Your anger destroys your loyalty.

122) Loyalty should be the result, not effort.

123) Love and happiness are free, Share it well

124) Man is identified by speech, not by the tongue.

125) Loyalty is a beautiful garment of your character.

126) Faith is the right path, always choose this way.

127) Loyalty is the key to making a relationship successful.

128) Always be loyal to those who do not want to lose you.

129) Never doubt the loyalty of the person who is loyal to you.

130) You are the person to whom I have made no compromise in loyalty.

Loyalty Quotes For Her

131) Loyalty is the best gift given in love.

132) Loyalty is played responsibly and you know it well.

133) Loyalty is a tough test and you have topped every exam.

134) I think I deserve your loyalty. Give me a chance to prove it.

135) If you are in trouble, you need a real loyal friend, not a psychologist.

136) Faith is the law of good friendship and loyalty is the way to friendship.

137) A woman who is loyal to her work religion and relationships is valuable.

138) I am very proud that you are loyal to me and you can expect the same from me.

139) I think we both seriously understand each other’s loyalty and our future will be bright.

140) It is very difficult to always be loyal to someone. But you go through difficulties every day. I am proud of you.

Family Loyalty Quotes

141) Parents are the most loyal teachers

142) Always be loyal to family, not money.

143) Parents are precious gifts given by God.

144) I wish I could serve my parents until my last breath.

145) If your wife is loyal to you then you are very lucky.

146) Your wife is your best friend to boost your morale.

147) We should expect the highest loyalty in our family.

148) Parental love and honesty are precious, so appreciate it.

149) May you always be loyal to your loved ones, no matter how bad the time.

150) Love your family the most in your life, because your family is with you in every difficulty.

151) The decision to make loyalty is equivalent to taking an oath, before deciding how loyal you can be.

152) You should have the ability to win the trust of everyone, only then you will be able to remain loyal to them.

Fake Loyalty Quotes

153) What I value most is my loyalty.

154) Never cheat with whom you are loyal.

155) Loyalty and royalty are difficult to handle.

156) It is difficult to find faithful people and God.

157) Only loyal to you can become your assistant.

158) True friends and enemies are made only by loyalty.

159) Loyalty is not a mask, it is a reflection of your character.

quotes about loyalty

160) Anger is the only deadly weapon to eradicate allegiance.

161) People who compromise in loyalty can cheat you anytime.

162) Those who do evil behind their back are not entitled to loyalty.

Quotes About Loyalty And Betrayal

163) Believing too much leads to betrayal.

164) Betrayal and trust can never be friends.

165) Chances of betrayal abound in bad times

166) It is always fatal to believe with closed eyes.

167) People are betrayal wearing a mask of laughter.

168) The betrayal of a trustworthy person hurts a lot.

169) Relationships of the heart often lead to betrayal.

170) Trusting you was my biggest mistake and I suffer as a result.

171) Some people have a habit of betrayal and you are one of them.

172) Betrayals are only dear to us; unknown people do not know about our weakness.

Funny Loyalty Quotes

173) To be loyal one has to change the heart.

174) After loving you my heart flies like a kite.

175) I am going crazy because of my loyalty to you.

176) Too much energy is required to maintain loyalty.

177) I have no words to express your love and loyalty.

178) I am without you like a mobile without a charger.

179) You can compare my loyalty and honesty to a dog.

180) A true friend will always prevent you from getting married.

181) I prayed for you so much that even God got upset with me.

182) Fidelity and love are both meant to be felt after meeting you.

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