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126 Love Quotes For Her With Images And VIDEO

Love is the most powerful energy in the world and it is equally difficult to express it but if you are not getting proper words to express your love then we have written for you the best love quotes for her. With the help of these words, you can tell your heart feeling to your loved ones, you can send this quotes to anyone, your friend, girlfriend, wife, and mother or any lady you want. Most are written to convey a different experience.

All these quotes have been written by us, none of which you will find anywhere else on the internet, then you will find appropriate love quotes for her here to express the most different experience.

You can send these love quotes via text message or through social media like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter etc. Just copy it simple and send it to your loved ones and you can become special for them.

Beautiful Love Quotes For Her

1) Maybe God made us pair

2) Love is sweeter than honey.

funny love quotes for her

3) Thank god are you in my life.

4) I really believe in god and you.

5) Living without love is meaningless.

6) I forget myself after seeing you.

7) God gives luck to those who love.

8) True love often touches the soul.

9) If love is true then it also succeeds.

10) My love is not like a season that changes.

11) I enjoy hearing your words like music.

12) Today I pledge I will be yours forever.

13) Our love will be an example of this era.

14) I have had sweet dreams since I saw you.

15) You came into my life, it’s a miracle.

16) It is good if love and honey are pure.

17) I will not sleep well until you are mine.

18) God is also very happy by creating you.

19) Thank you for making my life successful.

cute love quotes for her

20) My love is like this sky that has no end.

21) Every wind blow makes me feel your love.

22) Loving you is the best decision of my life.

23) I want to start every day by hugging you.

Cute Love Quotes For Her

24) Easy or tough but I will love you all my life.

25) You are a true partner, I feel proud of you.

26) My love for you is also increasing with age.

27) I love every moment when you are with me.

28) A true lover is one who values their friendship.

29) I love you and can wait for you all my life.

30) Appreciating each other is a sign of true love.

31) Flowers blossom upon seeing your smile.

32) Your love is so amazing it taught me to live.

love you quotes for her

33) Good morning to the lady who made my life.

34) I trust you like God, you will not leave me.

35) I need you as much as the sea needs water.

36) You have a smile equal to thousands of stars.

37) I will love you no matter what the world says.

38) I want to get married this year, are you ready?

39) I swear to God no one can love you more than me.

sweet love quotes for her

40) If your love is true then you should not be afraid.

41) It is raining today, I see you in every drop of rain.

42) My heart cries a lot when you don’t talk to me.

43) Even these moon and stars cannot match your smile.

44) I will be with you all my life and take care of yourself.

45) Your eyes are most beautiful just like diamonds.

46) Love is a precious gift, it is destined for someone.

inspirational love quotes for her,

47) I love you as a priest worships God in the temple

48) When you touch me, I feel the current, is it love?

49) It feels great to see you, I feel like I am in heaven.

50) You are the most beautiful girl in this universe.

51) Your face is like a rose and will never let it wither.

52) I want to see your face before sleeping every night.

love quotes for her from the heart

53) You will lose the best friend the day my heartbeat stops.

54) The love you have contributed to my life is priceless.

55) You stole my heart from me, what should I do now?

56) Your eyes have a strange glow that makes me crazy.

57) I want to support you until the last moment of my life.

58) I don’t know what happened I just feel love for you.

59) I have done all that no one can love me more than you.

60) It is my dream to make all your dreams come true.

true love quotes for her

61) True love is the most precious thing in the world.

62) God has given me the most amazing gift as your love.

63) I love it when we go for a walk and you hold my hand.

64) I pray to God whenever I open my eyes to see you in front.

65) My love is like water on this earth which will never end.

66) You don’t love me so much that I can’t sleep at night.

i love you quotes for her

Romantic Love Quotes For Her

67) How can I praise you I have no words I love you so much.

68) Ever since I saw you, the world started looking beautiful.

69) You talk to everyone with love, that’s why you are special.

70) Sometimes I wonder how I got a precious friend like you.

71) Your love is as important to me as the moon to the sky.

72) I gave you my heart the day I saw you for the first time.

73) I will love you as long as the moon wants its moonlight.

74) Do you have any magical power, you have fascinated me.

75) True love is the one who stays with you even in difficulties.

76) You have increased the sweetness of my life. Thank you.

77) Being in love with you is nothing less than being in heaven.

romantic love quotes for her

78) You are my choice and I am proud of you to love you so much.

79) I want to make you the mother of my children. Are you ready?

80) Love and God are the same; they cannot be seen, just felt.

81) It is very difficult to find a life partner like you, you are my soul.

82) I want you to cuddle me every night instead of your teddy bear.

83) You are my choice and I am proud of you to love you so much.

84) I am very lucky because you gave me a space in your life.

85) My love and fragrance of roses are the same, which is felt only.

86) You are the rising sun for me I want to start my day by seeing you.

87) You have made my world like heaven, thank you very much.

88) I am the richest person in the world because I have your love.

89) I do not know how our future will be but I will always love you.

i love you quotes for her

90) If I love someone wholeheartedly after God and parents, it is you.

91) These words become precious to me when you call me I love you.

92) Night or day your memories haunt me and irritate me to meet you.

93) Your touch makes my heart beat faster I’m afraid of a heart attack.

94) Lying to you is like lying to God, that’s why I always tell truth to you.

95) I respect you very much, I love you so much, do you think the same?

96) I always want to see your smiling face. Your smile is most precious.

97) The dreams are seen during the day often come true and I see you all day.

98) I am ready to do anything to give you every happiness in the world.

99) There are millions of beautiful girls in this world, but you are the best.

deep love quotes for her

100) You are my only source of being alive, because my heart beats seeing you.

101) When someone else sees you, I think I wish I could hide you in my eyes.

102) I trust you the most in the world because after God I give you full respect.

103) I will always love you no matter what the circumstances are in the future.

104) Our love is deeper than the depth of the sea, it is very difficult to find its end.

105) Every morning I feel happy to get up because I have to see your beautiful face.

106) You are my inspiration, I have learned a lot from you, always hold my hand.

107) I like your smile, I like your eyes, I like your lips, I like you because I love you.

108) I have only one heart, I would have given it to you even if I had 100 hearts.

109) I will protect you from all the trouble of the world, just keep holding my hand.

110) Our relationship is like music and songs, both are meaningless without each other.

111) I have given equal status to you and God because I have unwavering faith in both.

best love quotes for her

Deep Love Quotes For Her

112) For me, you matter the most in life, I can do anything to make you happy I love you.

113) I promise you will take care of you throughout your life and never break your heart.

114) Your love is very powerful, it has given me new hope to live. Thank you very much.

115) Last night, the moon asked me how much I love you, so I replied as much as you to your moonlight.

116) Now I understand why God gave me birth on earth because here you were waiting for me.

117) My love is a unique experience in the world that will not be found from anywhere else.

118) You can be a good companion throughout my life, that’s why I love you and believe in you.

119) After parents, you are the most important to me, I never wanted to lose you. I love you!!

120) Without you, I feel incomplete soon you have come into my life so that I can be complete

121) My love is not just for you for a few moments, it will remain as long as the sun shines on this earth with its rays.

122) I am so afraid of losing you because no one can give me as much love as you. I’m sorry if I made a mistake I love you so much.

123) You are the most powerful and sensible person in the world, you love everyone equally and take care of everyone’s happiness. I love you so much.

124) my friends ask me why you are not sending deep love quotes to her, then I say to them she is my god she knows what is in my heart

125) Last night God came in a dream and asked me how much I love you, so I told God as much as you have given me breath.

126) True love means taking care of each other’s happiness, and forgiving each other if there is a mistake

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