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Happy Holi Wishes (2021) – Holi Messages & Status

If India wasn’t colourful enough you would never experience a more vibrant occasion, than during the country’s festival of Holi. Prominently known as the “celebration of hues” or the “celebration of affection”, the festival of Holi marks the triumph of the good over evil.

Historically, Holi celebrates the onset of spring, a fresh new season of possibilities when the agricultural produce is abundant and the land is fertile. People smear colour on each other to celebrate the welcoming of spring and bid farewell to the cold winter. This exuberant casting of pastel-colored powder on friends, family, and every passer-by with colours in Holi, symbolises some particularly deep sentiments of the people.

Holi falls in the month of ‘Phalgun’ and is not only an entertaining and fun occassion but also an unbreakable part of the Indian culture and mythology. Apart from being a major festival, it also affects the social fabric of the community and strengthens bonds by promoting love and brotherhood among the people of India.

The famous saying “bura na mano holi hai” which means, ‘Do not mind, it is Holi’ still hold a special place in people’s heart as they smear their love in the form of vibrant colours on their beloved. Although primarily a Hindu festival, it has been widely accepted in other religions as well and is celebrated not only in India but the whole world. A day dedicated solely to happiness and harmony when people forget their grief, melancholy and enmity to celebrate this fest with great pomp.

No occasion is complete without wishing your nearest and dearest persons, so for an occasion as special as this, here is a bucket of colourful Holi greetings and wishes that you can share with your beloved friends, teachers and family.  

Best Happy Holi Wishes 2021

It is the third month of the year and the colours of spring have already started appearing in nature. Holi is just around the corner, so we bring you this authentic set of really unique happy holi messages 2021 that you could share with your loved ones.

1. Red is for my deep adoration for you, green is for your flourishing life, orange is for the progress you made across the year and pink for the happiness you’ve spread around. May God Bless you with each one of these hues this year, after surviving a dark pandemic year. Happy Holi!

2. Life itself is the most colourful journey, changing its shade in every turns and twists. Let us celebrate the gift of life this year and splash some happiness into those who were not as previleged as us last year. Happy Holi!

3. A colourful message to a colourful person who holds a colourful corner of my heart, for a splendidly colourful day. May such days always stay in your colourful life, and may this year be all the more colourful for you and your family. Happy Holi!

4. Wish you a very happy holi! May you play with the vibrant colours of love sent from the heaven above, to make a colourful heaven in 2021 in the lives of all the people around you.

5. May God illuminate and brighten your life with all the possible colours of the Universe this year. Happy Holi to you and your dear ones!

6. Here I bring you greetings, with bright colors of joy and happiness, that will make your life even more colorful. Celebrate this year’s Holi with full enthusiasm and courage, as this is the festival of forgetting all differences to enjoy together. Happy Holi!

7. May the festival of rainbow hues be the harbinger of joy and prosperity this year. As the holy occasion of Holi is here and the atmosphere is filled with the spirit of mirth and love, hope you have a safe yet colourful Holi with your family!

8. Wishing you and your family health, success, peace and the never-fading colours of bliss and happiness this year. Have a favored and significant Holi!

9. Celebrating the colours of our fond memories and a sweet relationship, I wish you and your family all the bright hues of life. Have a joyous Holi!

10. May this year’s Holi bring the ultimate colours of happiness in your life and excite you for the next adventures you wish to set on in your life. Happy Holi!

Holi Wishes in Advance

Holi festival is going to come soon and if you are willing to share your greetings and happy holi wishes n advance, we have for you a very good collection of advanced Happy Holi wises, which you will surely like very much.

11) I so much wish that the fire-gun filled with coloured waters drench you to a soaked rainbow and wash all your dark thoughts and worries away. Even miles apart, I hope and pray for your coulourful and promising life ahead. Happy Holi in advance!

12) It’s the time of the year to unwind, relax and to make a bond with sweets, thandai and colours. Though I won’t be present in person, I send you the colours of my best wishes in advance. Have a great day and Happy Holi in advance!

13) Even though I am far away from you on the happy occasion of Holi, all my best thoughts and good wishes are with you. Be sure to make a bonfire of our all negativities this Holi to bring in a fresh start. Happy Holi in advance!

14) I may not be able to smear a dozen colors on your face this Holi, but I am definitely praying god to add more and more colors in your life.
Wish you Happy Holi in Advance!

15) Let’s make the Holi colourful by splashing colours of love on each other, even from miles away, every single day. Wishing you lots of luck and a bright life ahead and a happy holi in advance.

16) Sending you wishes in the colors of rainbow well ahead of time so that they shower the hues of love, happiness and joy upon you on Holi and the remaining days of the year. Happy Holi in advance!

17) Make merry with the colours of Holi in my absence, and the rest of the days with my good wishes and blessings of the world. Wishing you a vibrant Holi in advance!

18) Happiness is the most beautiful and the truest of colors in life which I wish should stay forever with you this year, especially when I’m not beside you. Happy Holi in advance! Try saving some delicious sweets for me.

19) Hope this year Holi brings in good fortune and boundless happiness for you! Though I cannot make a colourful ghost out of you this year, make sure you add more colours to your life and keep all anxieties away. Happy Holi in advance!

20) Holi is a festival that has to be celebrated together. With thousands of colourful memories in my heart and thousands of miles apart from you, I wish you a very Happy Holi in advance.

Holi Wishes for Husband

21) To the rainbow of my life, may your life be all the more colourful this Holi. Keep being my company in ups and downs, my constant support. Happy Holi beloved!

22) Holi is the perfect time to improve our understanding and love with the magical colours of spring. Dear hursband, wish you a very happy holi!

23) I squeezed all your favourite colors from the rainbow and splashed it on you, my partner for life. I Wish You a very Happy Holi!

24) Before we met, my life was so pale, and then you sprinkled one by one the colours of your affction, concern and care on me. Happy Holi love!

25) Let our beautiful bond bloom with colours of the spring this year and every year. May this Holi bring many hues of bright opportunities and open new doors in our lives. Happy Holi dear husband!

26) On this beautiful festival of vibrancy and colours, let’s reiterate our commitment to each other by sharing all the different shades of life.
Happy Holi dear husband!

27) Thank you for bringing out the best colors in me. Thanks for being my sunshine, dear husband. Happy Holi, I love you so much

28) With you this festival of colours becomes a much happier occasion for me because you are the sunshine to my life. Happy Holi to you my hubby!

29) When you are with me, life is perfect and colourful. Don’t let the colours fade, because it is the colours of our love and happiness, that’s all we need to make our lives vivid. Happy Holi dear husband!

30) May the fire of holi purify our hearts, may the colors of holi bring new a spring to our lives, may the sweets sweeten the journey of our lives. Wish you a very fun-filled holi, my better half!

Holi Wishes for Wife

31) Red be the colour of passion, yellow for our friendship and pink for the romance. Lets celebrate this Holi with these beautiful colours that add beautiful emotions in our life and bring us closer at hearts. Happy Holi Love!

32) Dipped in hues of our love and trust has come the festival of Holi. Let the child hidden inside you, come out this Holi and play with the colours of happiness all around. Wish my innocent wife a Happy Holi!

33) You sprinkle colours in my life and make it complete. Without you I’m nothing, like celebrating Holi without colours. Let’s keep painting the vibrant dreams of our future together, Happy Holi, dear wife!

33) I wish to shower you with all the colours, just the way I shower you with my love. You are that one colour which completes my life in every true sense. Happy Holi dear!

35) In the colour of our yesterday, today and tomorrow, let us welcome the new spring of our life with open arms. With variant love, a cheerful holi to you my love!

36) With you this competition of colors becomes by far a happier occasion for me because you’re like the colourful sunrays to my life. Happy Holi dear wife!

37) Each colour tells some stories of us; red reminds me of our college love, blue reminds the smiling moments after we got married and so on. I wish I always enjoy all the colours with you in my life, my Love. Happy Holi beloved!

38) Lets celebrate this Holi with all the beautiful colors that have crafted all the beautiful emotions in our life. Let’s take a dip in the coloured water of love and have a cheerful Holi together.

39) I wish to sprinkle and splash coloured waters on you just the way I do it with my hugs and kisses everyday, my love. When you are around me, the world seems the mingling palatte of colours of red, yellow, green, purple, orange and so on. I wish each day of our life will be colourful like Holi. Wishing a vibrant holi to my soul-mate!

40) Being with you makes my life colourful and gives me the brightest colour to shine my way. My Holi is all about you and your colourful dreams. Happy Holi, my loving wife!

Holi Wishes for Boyfriend

41) An affectionate and caring relationship like ours doesn’t need to speak loud, good wishes for each other are simply enough to precise the heartiest feelings. Have a happy and colourful Holi, my Love!

42) When you take me in your arms, I feel the colour of love. When you dry out my tears, I feel the colour of friendship. When you share your joy and pain, I feel the bright colour of caring. May we share all the purples and blues hand in hand forever. Happy Holi Darling!

43) World seemed beautiful when you became mine. When you are with me, life is perfect and colourful. Thank you for adding the extra cheese to my pizza and extra happiness to my dull days. Wish you the brightest Holi!

44) Let’s throw out the rainbow colours in the air, and renew our love and friendship with all shades of romantic colour, my dear boyfriend. Let’s lock this day in a fluorescent frame and pray for many such days to come.

45) To my darling boyfriend, who is better than the best, wishing you a very Happy Holi, my Love. With you around, I can make every regular day colourfully special.

46) May God gift you all the colors of life, colors of joy, colors of happiness, colors of love and all the other colors you want to paint your life and our sweet relationship with. Happy Holi beloved!

47) Life is full of a thousand colors and you are the brightest shade in my life. I’m lucky to have made beautiful memories with you and I want to spend the rest of my life only with you. Happy Holi dear!

48) You are not only the colour of my life but also the reason for my smile. May the good wishes and blessings shower love, happiness and joy upon you always. Have a lovely Holi, my dear!

49) This Holi, let us add a beautiful platter of colours to our life. Let us smear on each other the vibrant hues of laughter, romance and joy. Happy Holi, dear boyfriend!

50) You sprinkle colours in my life and make it complete. On this beautiful festival of vibrancy and colours, let’s reiterate our commitment to each other and make our love even more colorful. Happy Holi darling!

Holi Wishes for Girlfriend

51) I love you is the truth of my life and it brings the colour of joy and smile. May we paint a beautiful tomorrow together and fill the vacant spaces of our relationship with beautiful flavours of spring, Happy Holi my Love!

52) Let’s enjoy the rainbow shower together this Holi; the red, green, blue, yellow and so on, let them absorb to the very core of our hearts so that we can make each and every day colourful for each other. Have a cheerful and vbrant Holi, my girl!

53) May the colours of romance and love, colours of happiness and joy, colours of understanding and adjustments, colours of trust and commitment get deeper and darker with each and every passing day. Happy Holi Sweetheart!

54) A splash of a tons of colours was what I felt in my heart when I first saw you. That moment when I knew you were the one, will always hold a special place in my heart. Happy Holi to the girl who brings immense joy to my heart!

55) Let us dedicate the festival of colours to our beautiful friendship and loving bond, which is a blend of all the happy colours. Let us create new memories this year and many more years to come together, on this special occasion. Wishing you a very happy holi dear!

56) Let the colours of Holi break the walls of ego, disputes and other negetive thoughts between us so that our life shines bright like the colours of this festival. You share the colours of joy, happiness and smile with me and make my canvas perfect. Happy Holi, dear one!

57) I wish this Holi god bless you more smile on your lips, more cheer and life in your voice, more twinkles on your eye. Dear girlfriend, wish you a very lively and colourful Holi.

58) This Holi, hope God paints the canvas of our relationship with many more new colours and gives me many reasons to cheer and make merry with you. I dedicate the sweetness of all the Holi special sweets to your grace and affections, my Love. Happy Holi!

59) I squeezed the bright colors of the rainbow to sent them to my girlfriend. As for me, your dimpled smile adds most of the colour to my life. Let’s keep complementing and supplementing each other through all ups and downs. Happy Holi, my sweetheart!

60) A colourful message wrapped in love to the most beautiful girl I know, let the colours of Holi bring cheer and happiness to your life.With hugs and kisses, love and romance, I wish you a very Happy Holi my darling!

Holi Wishes for Friends

61) On this auspicious occasion of Holi, I hope that the canvas of your life gets painted with the cutest colors of happiness, prosperity, success and plenty of new hope. Dear friend, happy holi!

62) The colours of our friendship are as beautiful as the festival of Holi. Let us celebrate this festive occasion together to have a memorable time that can cherished forever. Happy Holi!

63) Come on buddy let us rejoice and play each other with the colors and make our lives even more colorful. May this festival fill your heart and life with colours and laughter. Happy Holi!

64) On this auspicious day, I send you wishes for a lively, vibrant and colourful day and a blooming year ahead. Happy Holi, dear friend!

65) Enjoy every colour of Holi and I’m sure you will get every happiness you desire. May God always be with you and may you enjoy every moment of our friendship. Happy Holi!

66) You are like a sun who brings rainbow in the sky with your sunshine. Our childhood days has always been the most colourful phase, let’s recreate good old days this season in the colours of joy. Happy Holi, my favourite playmate!

67) May you be as colorful as the festival itself or even more. Lets all have lots of fun together with colours and delicacies to savour. Happy Holi, my dear friend!

68) Holi has to be celebrated together, so this festival greatly demands you beside me. So that these memories can be realived in future.These are the memories that I want to live forever. Wish you a very Happy Holi dear friend!

69) The time has come to throw water balloons, taste delicious sweets and rub all colours to your life. Celebrating the colors of our beautiful friendship since school days, I wish you and your family all the bright hues of life. Happy Holi!

70) The only fear I have on Holi this year is what crazy things you are going to do to me, to make this Holi an unforgettable one. Save some colours for the next years to come, let us spend special moments of friendship this Holi. Best wishes to you on this Holi my friend!

Holi Wishes for Teacher

71) Thanks for enlightening my life with colors of knowledge that have shown me the path of success, dear teacher. On this festival of colors, I wish you and your family a colorful and happy Holi.

72) On this auspicious occasion of Holi, I hope that the canvas of your life gets painted with the cutest colours of happiness just the way you paint the canvas of our lives with the colour of knowledge. Happy Holi!

73) Wonderful colors are a blessing, jusat like your presence in our lives. You touch so many young hearts every day, dear teacher may you have God by your side in your noble deeds of educating generation after generation. Happy Holi!

74) My life was a black and white paper, until you filled in the right colours with the most beautiful strokes to create me to this person I am today. Thanks for being the torch-bearer in my life, dear teacher. Have a fun-filled Holi!

75) Life has been wonderful with your teachings and your blessings and I hope, this year brings more colour to our lives. Wishing you a Happy Holi, dear teacher!

76) To my favourite teacher, I wish you a very Happy Holi! You are the one who has brightened my life with your affection and encouragement and mesmerized me with your teachings. May the colours of our bond be as vibrant and as bright as the colours of Holi.

77) Dear teacher, you are my favorite color who overwhelms my life with the magic of knowledge, learning, creating joyous memories everytime you teach us. It is the best time for me to tell you how special you are to me, Wishing you a very Happy Holi!

78) You sprinkle colours in every fresh life and make it complete. Without you we are nothing, just like celebrating Holi without colour. Always be with us and help us paint the colourful dreams of our future. Happy Holi dear teacher!

79) Holi is an apt time to celebrate the colours of our beautiful relationship. I thank God for sending you in my life just when I needed and filling it with beautiful colors of happiness, dear teacher. Have a splendid celebration of Holi!

80) Dear Sir, you are like the sun who brings rainbow in the sky with your sunshine. You bring out the best in me through every assignments and your scoldings. I wish you a colorful life poured with all colors of the world. May God give you everything and keeps you always in his blessing. Happy Holi to my favourite teacher!H

Holi Wishes for Father

81) I pray to God to bless you with health, happiness and peace. I pray to God to always keep you smiling. Warm wishes on this auspicious occasion of Holi. Happy Holi Dad!

82) With you in my life, each and every day of my life is a brighter and happier. Thanks for being such a lovely and encouraging father who has always supported me.Warm wishes to you on this colourful occasion of Holi. Happy Holi to you!

83) Holi is not just a festival of colours, it is an auspicious festival of togetherness and relationships. My dearest Dad, thanks for adding such beautiful colours of love n care in my life, and gifting me the best family life. Happy Holi to you Dad!

84) Holi is perfect when I have the brightest shade of every Rainbows colour in my life with me, it’s you dad. I love you dad for making each Holi so colourful for me. Happy Holi Dad!

85) Today is the day to recall all the bright memories of Holi which I have created with the best father in the world. I miss those days when I would splash you both with colored waters and gulaal. Wishing you very Happy Holi, dad!

86) You are my teacher to guide me and teach me the life lessons, you are my life support and it is only you who can help me at the time of every difficulty. I love you, papa. Happy Holi!

87) Time passes by, but memories are cherished for life evermore. Dear dad, wishing you a colorful and happy Holi! May you have a fun-filled Holi infused with happiness and peace.

88) Thanks for being so caring and also for being such a positive influence in my life. May this holi fill your life with the colours of success, peace and happiness. Happy Holi Dad!

89) On this day of colors, I want to tell you that my life is colorful because of you, I have smile on my face because of you. My dreams are coming true because of only you dad. I send my warm wishes on Holi to the world’s best Dad. Happy Holi!

90) May the brightness of red and yellow, coolness of blue and green, happiness of pink and purple create a beautiful rainbow in your life. Sending warm wishes to you on the loveliest occasion of Holi. Happy Holi daddy!

Holi Wishes for Mother

91) Dear Mom, your motherhood is the warmest colour you’ve showered on me since the day I was born to you. You have sacrificing enough, to meet our needs and wishes. Hope you enjoy the colours of happiness evermore. Happy Holi!

92) Auspicious red, sun-kissed gold, soothing silver, pretty purple, blissful blue, forever green- may God fill in the Rangoli of your life with all these colours of happiness, in return for the immense joy u keep spreading in our lives. Happy Holi Mom!

93) The festival of joy is here, so make the most of the day. Thank you in advance for all the special delicacies u would prepare for us today. May your life be filled with such sweetness. Happy Holi dear Mother!

94) Celebrating the colours of our beautiful relationship, I wish you, dear Mom, all the bright hues of life. The colours of your blessings is what I’ve always carried with me. Have a colourful Holi!

95) Just as the sunrays would be nothing without the seven colours, similarly my life without your existence in it would be so bleak. Dear Mommy, may I be able to light up your life with all the seven colours you need. Happy Holi!

96) Best wishes to you for a Holi filled with sweet moments, it is the time of the year that expresses the happiness of being loved and to be loved through colours. Happy Holi, dear Mother!

97) The best part of the year has arrived. It’s Holi time, so let me colour you with all the beautiful colours of joy and make sure you enjoy it to the best dear Mom. You devote your all to us. Wish you a very happy Holi!

98) May God make your life as vibrant and colourful as this festival of colours, ‘HOLI’. I pray you get a thousand colours of happiness, joy, mirth, love and all the other colours you want in your life! Happy Holi Mom!

99) Mothers like you are already blessed with the rainbow colours, for all the efforts you put in to make this house a home for us to stay. May this rainbow forever illuminate your life. Happy Holi, Mother!

100) In all my dark phases, you have been the guiding light. In every sorrow, you have held my hand. My life extracts colour from your kindness and gentle smile. Happy Holi beloved mother! I dedicate all the colours of the world to you.

Happy holi messages

101) Best wishes to you and your family for a holi filled with lots of sweet moments and lots of fresh memories to cherish for long. Happy Holi my dear!

102) Let us throw out the colors in the air and renew our love and bond with a bit of all the vibrant colours of holi. Happy Holi!

103) Wishing you good health and prosperity. May god shower his blessings always on you on this auspicious occasion of holi. Happy Holi!

104) May this holi bring you lots and lots of colourful seasons and days in your life stuffed with plenty of happiness and love. Wish you a very happy holi!

105) May the colors you play with this holi, not only touch your skin, your face but also your heart. May this holi be filled with happiness for a colourful life ahead. Happy holi!

106) Hope you spend this year’s Holi with more colours, more sweets and fistfuls of joy, happiness and good luck to last the rest of the year. Happy Holi!

107) Colours of holi symbolize the colours of love, trust and understanding in any relationship. So let us play with the colours of happiness to make this Holi ever memorable. Happy Holi!

108) Holi is the favourite festival among all because it gives us the opportunity to fly in the air of spring with all the colours of the world merging with each other in beautiful shades. May your Holi be filled with lots of positive vibes. Happy Holi!

109) It’s the time for the world to explode out in multicolours, may you choose your colour to decorate your life and blooming future with blessings of the Almighty. Happy Holi!

110) Wish you a safe and an enjoyable Holi! May the colours add to more joy, love and success in life and keep the shadows of evil and negetive thoughts away. Happy Holi dear!

Happy Holi Greetings

111) May God spray colors of success and prosperity over you and your family. I wish this Holi is as special as it has always been. I’m eagerly waiting to relish those lovely gujiyas and sweets with you. Happy Holi!

112) Happy Holi!! Enjoy every colour of Holi and u will get every happiness u desire. May God always be with u. Enjoy every moment. Keep smiling.

113) Hey friend,you would look so cute and adorable with the red gulaal on your face. Remember, last year’s Holi how we spent the whole morning on your terrace, soaked in coloured waters. Happy Holi dear!

114) You can never miss being coloured by me this time. Don’t just lock your self up on the day and let’s party hard. It comes once in a year so let’s make the most of it. I wish you all my hearty wishes for this colourful festival. Happy Holi!

115) Forgive your haters and ill-wishers and remember those who are near & dear to you, with the splashing colors of Holi. May u soak some colours into your heart. Happy Holi!

116) Let us enjoy the happy environment that Holi offers and make the best possible memories. Have a safe and great Holi, dear friend.

117) Sending you warm Holi greetings to the most fantastic person I’ve ever met. Let us make this festival a very special occassion to cherish a lifetime. Happy Holi!

118) The time has come to do away with the animosity and begin a new phase of love and friendship. Let’s burn what’s evil, depressing and sad with Holika and welcome the new beginnings with open arms. Happy Holi!

119) In the busy life of work and responsibilities, let the child hidden inside you, come out this Holi and play with the colours of love and happiness all around. Happy Holi!

120) Holi is here for fun and celebration. Let us enjoy it with the best intentions of our hearts and make thousands of beautiful memories. Happy Holi!

Romantic Holi Wishes

121) With the blissful colours of Holi, I pledge to be with you for eternity and share each color regardless of grey and white of my existence with you. Let’s keep each other’s company in every step and phase of life. Happy Holi darling!

122) I never knew what colors I was missing in my life until I met you. I love you for bringing this rainbow to my life. Have a grand celebration of this Holi!

123) This Holi, I am excited to dance, sing and groove along to the rhythms of colors and you, the brightest colour of my life. May nothing but happiness surround us. Have a Good Holi, Love!

124) Hey my Love, how about we paint an everlasting love story on the canvas of our lives with the colours of holi? I’m so glad to be blessed with a beautiful partner like you. Happy Holi dear!

125) Let the colours of spring help us strengthen our old friendship and love, and keep our hearts and minds locked in a beautiful bondage. Happy Holi, my love!

126) My day seems as incomplete without your gentle kiss as a Holi without thandai and a vermillion red colour. I’m ready to colour every inch of you with the colours of my love. Happy Holi, Love!

127) Thank you for always being the biggest supporter of my life. My life has become smoother ever since you held my hand. Happy Holi!

128) When you flirt with me, you turn me red. When you pamper me, I blush into pink. You have made me experience the different possible colours of life. Have a pleasant Holi!

129) May the drumbeats and colour bring out the best in you! Let’s enjoy this festive of colours together and dance to the rhythm of Holi beats. May the festive spirit make you happier than ever. Happy Holi, dear!

130) Let all your worries vanish in this Colorful Holi. Let us make this festival a way to express our love using beautiful colours and water balloons. Happy Holi darling!

Happy Holi WhatsApp status

131) A touch of yellow I send to you along with a drop of green to cool the hue. A tinge of orange for warmth and lots of enthusiasm and zest for a bright and colourful HOLI!

132) Let us make this festival of colours all the more fun. May your family be blessed with peace and prosperity. Happy Holi 2021 to you all!

133) In this Holi, colour your mind with the brightest thoughts and positivity. Enjoy the gulaal and sweets. Have a safe and glamorous Holi with your family!

134) My only wish is to paint your face with colors so that your life also be filled with the vibrant colors of love, happiness, and joy. Happy Holi!

135)  May this spring tradition add new dimension in your life. With lots of mirth and laughter, let’s welcome this season of colors. Happy Holi 2021!

136) Wish we all can celebrate this day together and relive all the old memories with our new energies and zeal. Warm wishes to you on this wonderful occasion. A very Happy Holi to you!

137)  Fill your life with the colors of happiness, gaiety, fun, and laughter. May the cheer of colors always remain in your heart forever. Happy Holi!

138) Let us enjoy this celebration of adore and affection and turn the bright colors into new achievements. Hope you have a great day with your family and dear ones. Happy holi!

139) Handful of colours to smear on your face, and plentiful of sweets to stuff your mouth, is all that I’m awaiting for in Holi. Keep the doors of your house and heart always open for the colours to seep in to your soul. Happy Holi!

140) Enjoy the happy environment that Holi offers and make the best possible memories, to relive them a hundred years. Good wishes of holi to you and your family!

Happy Holi Facebook status

141) Holi is a special time of year to remember those who are close to our hearts and those who care for us with a hundred splashing colors!

142) Best wishes to you for a Holi filled with sweet moments and memories to cherish for long.

143) Let us color our minds with the brightest thoughts and positivity this Holi and have a glorious day filled with joy and happiness.

144) May you not only bathe in the showers of colours but also God’s blessing in the auspicious event of Holi.

145) Let us hope that the competition of colourful Holi drive out darkness and evil from the World so that we find each other in the brightest shade.

146) May this festival bring new suspense and excitement to your life and make everything worth it. Have a great Holi!

147) Happy Holi! Let the colors play their magic in enlivening our lives, detoxifying it from the negetivities.

148) Here comes again the time to celebrate life with colors and lots of enthusiasm. May your life get more color and new achievements.

149) Celebrate this beautiful occasion with your loved ones and lots of color to make colourful memories to reminisce a hundred years.

150) Fill the sky with colors of love and admiration for this tremendously colourful festival. Let your smile and features explode the rainbow colours throughout the year.


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