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The beautiful quotes that we share here are the most beautiful because in each word the beautiful and fun of life is expressed, I hope you like these beautiful love quotes:

Cute and Beautiful Love Quotes

1) Sadness is only overcome with smiles and love.

2) Everyone wants something nice in their lives, but I can’t be everywhere.

3) The most beautiful thing about my existence is that you are in it.

4) Live your present without clinging to the past and planning your future.

5) Don’t wait for something to happen in life, because what you see will become your opportunities.

6) You are the person I love and love the most, that’s why I want to share with you every day.

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7) You will always have a special place in my heart because I love you.

8) My love for you is forever, so stay with me until eternity.

9) Success is difficult to achieve because, because of this, it is worth fighting to achieve.

10) It is never too late to start doing what you love most.

11) Every time I think about what happiness means, your face appears in my mind.

12) The most beautiful thing in our life is that God gave us the miracle to be alive.

13) Do you think I can do it? Yes, because I trusted you.

14) Live every moment as if you were about to die.

15) You can achieve whatever you want to be, just trust you.

16) Let’s Start the journey, even though we don’t know where it will take us or what the risk will be.

17) Who do you do things for? Who do you strive for? I’m sure there are many people who trust you, keep going.

18) It is worth fighting for what you want, after all, this is our life, and if I give up now, it would be a shame.

19) I have realized that my life is more beautiful since you began to be in it.

20) God will surprise us with incredible miracles.

Cute and Beautiful Quotes For Love

21) Try again and again, so that fear begins to be afraid of you.

22) Remember to have integrity even when no one is seeing you, not because of fear, but because you know you are doing the right thing.

23) The only thing that makes sense in my life is God.

24) To be happy we need to start laughing, supporting, struggling to bear the weight of being different, loving people at heart, telling the truth and being a person who pleases God, all this to not regret anything in the bed of our death.

25) I will strive with all my strength so that those who look at me can carry me in their hearts.

26) To cure a heart there is no better remedy than that of a smile.

27) Try not to wait for an ideal time to do something special.

28) A dream will never fade unless you stop working.

29) An honest person is not afraid of light, much less of darkness.

30) If a love tries to bind you, simply it’s not for you.

31) The beauty of simplicity is more beautiful than perfection.

32) To make your work meaningful, do it with love and joy.

33) The best photo is the one that reflects the soul of the person, and not his pose.

34) To think that you can change something, if you always do the same.

35) Don’t be afraid of kindness and tenderness, those are feelings that can only lead you to good.

36) The most valuable and important things are invisible, so no one can destroy them, being invisible keeps them safe.

37) A song is our favourite not because of its beauty, but because of the person, it reminds us of.

38) Over time you understand that love, God and your loved ones are the most important and that nothing can replace them.

39) You start to become the best version of you, when you strive for something that matters to you.

40) Have a strong will, remember that everything you fight for today will always bear fruit.

41) Do not focus on the end of the goal, because being there, you will not feel anything, enjoy the journey.

42) Every day may not be good, but each of them, remember to thank them for whatever is in your life.

43) The most beautiful things in the world are those that cannot be touched or seen, because they can only be felt with the heart.

Love is Beautiful Quotes

44) A shedding tear is the unequivocal sign of acquired learning.

45) The time you give with love will never be wasted.

46) If winter did not exist in the world, you could not appreciate the beauty of spring.

47) True beauty is not in appearance but in the soul.

48) The existence without love, comes to destroy the strongest hearts.

49) If you don’t know how to love with all your heart … So, what do you live for?

50) You have achieved happiness, when your words, your thoughts and your actions work in perfect harmony.

51) We can’t know everyone’s problems, but at least we can share their pain.

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52) It is impossible to bathe in the same river twice, because everything in the world is constantly changing, the water continues to flow and the person who bathes will never be the same.

53) Don’t worry about yesterday, it already happened and you can’t change it … Don’t worry about the future, because it still doesn’t come and many things can happen … Stay tuned for the present, which is the only time you have in your hands.

54) Learn to forgive the mistakes of others, remember how many mistakes God has forgiven you.

55) If you are not able to carry beauty in your soul, you will not be able to find it anywhere else.

56) Every moment I live is a true miracle.

57) Goodness is very easy to recognize because it is always polite and very simple.
It is a silly thing to put both feet in water to measure their depth.

58) Justice brings great happiness.

59) The greatness of the heart is born from the humility of appreciating small things.

60) True friends never separate, because they are always there for you.

61) It is better to try than to repent for what we could not do.

62) The person who has not managed to love passionately does not know more than half of the beauty.

63) If in your day you have sown friendship and joy, it has been a very productive day.

64) Lies can produce beautiful flowers, but without fruits.

65) We behave so much in achieving luxury, that they really bring you closer to loneliness.

66) If you want to know what the worst prison is, wait to stumble with a closed heart.

67) If you boldly decide to look for the light, rest assured that you will find it.

68) If you have not gone through a painful moment that has given you great learning, then you have not yet matured.

69) If you feel alone, when you are with someone … Then you must make some improvements because you are badly accompanied.

70) We knew each other since we were little, we did crazy things, we are friends, and forever we will be.

71) We met as partners, but I never imagined that such a sincere friendship could arise from two people.

73) A good friend is someone with whom you can think out loud without any worries.

74) Thank you, friend, because, although I fell, although I went out of the way, you always helped me and advised me. People there are many, but like you none.

75) Bad luck does not exist, we all go through good things and bad things, the secret is to taste good things little by little and quickly digest bad things.

76) True friendship unites, but never ties anyone.

Pretty And Short Love Quotes

77) There is much that I do not understand, but with you, I want to learn to live.

78) Do what the soul dictates, live, fight and make history.

79) If I could make a wish, I am sure I would ask to be with you.

80) It’s only impossible, if you don’t try.

81) You appeared on my way and you changed me, you improved me, you loved me, thank you.

82) When you carry fire inside, it doesn’t matter how cold it is outside.

83) Life is hard but with each lesson, you learn to get up.

84) From the moment you wake up, until the moment  you lie down, many beautiful things happen.

Cute and Beautiful Quotes For Love.

85) A smile is better than a lament, don’t forget it.

86) Forget bad memories, always remember the good times.

87) Love everything, every moment, every person and you will be very happy.

88) Fear is normal but really brave to overcome it.

89) Think of yourself, when you wake up and you will have a spectacular day.

90) If you have got this life to share love, do not skimp on it.


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