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if you looking for interesting cuddle quotes then you are in right place. here we have written beautiful cuddle quotes that you can send to your partner and express your feelings.

Beautiful Cuddle Quotes and Sayings For Her and Him

Freely you can copy these beautiful cuddle quotes and send to your lover, husband, wife, girlfriend, friend or you’re loved once. you can also share these cuddle quotes on your social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms too.


I want to cuddle with my little darling – long, hard and soon.

cuddle quote for girlfriend

My dear, I miss you so much, please come to me soon, I want to tight cuddle and sleep with you.

i need a cuddle quotes

My love misses you so much, now even a minute is difficult to leave without you, so please come soon.


Now I am tired of hugging my teddy bear, so come soon I have to sleep with you.

teddy cuddle

I have read that sleeping with cuddles removes sickness, so do you want to see me sick?

cuddle quotes for

Now that winter has come, I also feel that I should sleep by hugging a person instead of Teddy, So you come to me soon, even this winter, it does not go away.

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Sleeping by cuddling is a very good treatment, but it is even more beneficial when someone is going to sleep with tight cuddle all night. So don’t you leave me tonight.

There is a moon in the sky today, but where are you now? I want to see these moon and stars by cuddling you together.

cuddle weather quotes

He carries your name. He has your eyes. He cuddles with me as I do with you. How long do I have to cuddle with my teddy until you are back with me?

I sit here and think of you,
suffering terribly!
Oh, you were today night with me,
I would cuddle with you!

Would like to cuddle with you right now.
Wobble a bit in your hair.
You caress and you kiss.
But all I have is my pillow.

My dear honey, I love you very much.
Please be my cuddly bear.
Because I do not want to miss you anymore,

Today night you will not be alone.
Put your head on your pillow.
It’s filled with a thousand kisses.
Cuddle up and your sweetheart will be with you.

cuddle quotes for gf

I wish I was your stuffed animal.
Then I would be with you every night.
Touch your sweet skin
and feel the tapping of your heart.

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