100 Apology Quotes For Her Or Him


If you are looking for good apology quotes, then you are in the right place. Here we have written lots of good apology quotes for her or him. You can send these beautiful quotes to your Girlfriend, Boyfriend, husband, wife, best friend, or any person that you love very much. You can say sorry to them in a very effective way.

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You look in my eyes and tell me, why don’t you love me now, why don’t you talk to me, why don’t you hug me, why don’t you kiss me, what a mistake has happened to me, please forgive me, dear!

Beautiful Apology Quotes To Say Sorry

Without you, life is only sighing, without you, loneliness confounds me, without you, loneliness fights me, without you, there is no aura in life, please forgive me, and return to me.

Dear, wait for me, do not run anymore, so that you do not get so far out that I cannot come to you, please forgive me.

Who is here who can overcome my loneliness, who is here who can hug me, I have no one without you, please forgive me, sorry once again.

Don’t ignore me, I can’t guess why you left. Don’t ignore me, I don’t want to wake up crying at night. Don’t ignore me, I will know how to learn. Don’t ignore me, I am Sorry.

Anger is to punish yourself with other people’s mistakes, so don’t be angry, punish you, I will feel bad, punish me if you punish, I an Sorry.

Please, don’t ignore my sadness; please, don’t listen to my arguments and reasons; please, reply to the message, don’t let me not have your news, please.

Birds are silent, the waves are silent, the river is silent, the silence is silent, the world is so silent because you no longer care about my existence, the sentence is sorry to be sent to you with the information, begging for your understanding.

No matter how strong the sun is, no matter how violent the storm is, no matter how clear the night, no matter how embarrassing you hope, if you insist on not forgiving, I will never leave your house. 

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Any heavy pressure and difficult years can’t beat me because I am the strong man in life, but your misunderstanding is enough to make me unable to stand up because I am actually a weak emotional person.

You know my personality, just adjust this. But love your glass heart, let you see. Dear, sorry, I only say to you, because only you are important.

If time can go back, I will never argue with you, just hope that laughter is always with you, so that you can be happy. Dear, I know it is wrong, I hope you forgive.

I want to find a reason to pay for my mistakes; I want to find an excuse to apologize for my clumsy; I want to send a text message and pray for your understanding. Let’s forget the past and start over again!

Dear, don’t be angry again, just blame me for not being careful, there are hardships and difficulties for me to replace, sorry once again.

Because of love, it hurts you. At this moment, my mood is very bad. I don’t know how to set an example. Only then can you forget the unhappiness. No other skill can replace it. Only you can give you deeper love. forgive me!

Don’t let me embrace the lonely night, don’t let me accompany the cold wind, don’t let lonely with me, I just want to stay with you forever, forgive my unintentional hurt.

I thought that I knew that the fault was mine, so don’t worry, Please return to me I can’t live alone.

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I know that I was too impulsive that day, just remembering the dream in my heart, ignoring your incompetence, my heart is very painful at the moment, I am happy to receive a text message, forgive my impulse, dear!

Without your days, there is no sun in the day, and the heart has lost its warmth; without your days, there is no moonlight in the night, life has lost romance; please forgive me, don’t ignore me!

Use my sincerity to turn the tide, use my persistence to change the reality, use the faith of love to change my tomorrow, I believe the sun will be brilliant for me, please accept the love of my love, forgive me!

Now how to explain it is pale in front of you, waiting for your forgiveness in silence, but let you know that a silly heart is waiting for your forgiveness.

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Times to find your eyes, look for your breath, please tell me where you are, let me only recollect your message in memory, let me find the traces left when you stop, forgive me!

Happiness is always accompanied by generous people. Wealth is always accompanied by honest people. Wisdom is always accompanied by noble people. Charisma is always accompanied by humorous people. And these are with you.

I really want to blow your hair and blow away the unpleasantness that I brought to you. I want to rain with you and pour out the disappointment that I brought to you. our love of happiness and sweetness, sorry!

Hold your hand, miss your tenderness, all the past is my fault, your forgiveness is my greatest happiness, I hope your heart will reopen for me. Dear, forgive me!


Lost you, like a star falling into the sky; Losing you, there is no more beauty in my life; Losing you, telling me how to breathe; Losing you, only one body wandering around the world; Forgive me!

you ignore me, I am very depressed, know? Dear, do not go crazy in depression, don’t torture the people who love you the most.

There is a hungry wolf running into my heart and eating my heart, so it is not my true intention to make a mistake. I have already driven it away. May you be happy is my true intention, forgive me.

Today, I will give you the package “Happiness, Wisdom and My Apology”. I hope you like it, I just gave you sorrow, sorry!

Climbed over the mountains, walked through the mud, lie across the river, crossed the thorns … I have no fears and hardships, and I am brave enough to go forward. Only without your news, I am so scared, please return a message!

Smile is not difficult, just raise your mouth gently; forgiveness is not troublesome, tolerance is so simple, please smile, forgive me for the hurt to you!

If a little help can help others, will you do it? If a little effort can save others, will you do it? In order to prove your kindness, return a message to get rid of the shackles of my heart and save me! please forgive me!

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your misunderstanding, your annoyance, your disappointment, your pain… surrounded me layer by layer, let me realize the true meaning of “self-restraint”, let me use sincere apologies, sincere remorse, forgive me.

Dear, during the time you left me, I understood the pain of the deeply loved ones who left me, Dear, come back, I know I am wrong! I can’t live without you, I love you!

If you ignore me, I will be desperate on your behalf. If you don’t mean me, I will not forgive me on your behalf. If you don’t look at me, you will give up on me, but no matter what, I hope you can forgive me after reading this message, thank you.

I hope you like these beautiful apology quotes to say sorry. You freely share these apology quotes to your love once and say sorry in an effective way.

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