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If you are looking for the Best Friend Status or Best Friendship Status then you are on the right place. here we have written lots of short messages for friendship and best friend status, you will find a lot of variety here, Whichever of these messages you like, you can send it to your best friend.

Best Friend Status For WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram

The best friends in the world are mine!

Fake friends are the best show of baseness!

We do not make friends. We recognize them.

The best I have in life is my true friendships!

When you find a real friend, you find a treasure.

Forget the differences. Together we are stronger.

I wish I had more friends, but people are such idiots.

True friends completely outnumber quantity by quality.

To make friends is to recognize souls in unknown bodies.

If you want to have true friends, be truly friends with them.

My good friend has left, but friendship will always remain!

I do not need models. I don’t need heroes. I have my friends.

The world goes round and round but never separates our way!

Maybe I don’t have a lot of friends, but the friend I have is the most special.

Losing friends is hard, but that’s how we find out who our soul mates are.

Friends are like oxygen, because life without them would be impossible!

friends forever

I don’t need much to be happy, but your friendship I can’t give up!

Unforgettable moments shared with best friends are the perfect recipe for a happy life!

There is only one thing better than making new friends: keeping old ones.

Friends are those who help us stand when our wings forget how to fly.

I miss old friends, and the good times we live. But I will keep them all in my heart.

A brother is a friend God has given you, a friend is a brother your heart has chosen.

I am thankful to God that He also reveals His love through my friends.

Having cousins ​​is good, but even better when they are friends too!

My best friends are the craziest and that’s exactly why they are the best!

In the storms of life, a friend is an anchor that keeps us from drifting.

When I’m good my friends know me. When I’m at worst I know my friends!

People come into our lives by chance, but it is not by chance that they stay.

Heart Touching Friendship Status

Friends are that force that pulls us up when life insists on pushing us down.

There is nothing better than a trip with friends to replenish the good energies.

Even the greatest victory loses its flavor when it cannot be shared with a friend.

I know how many friends I have, but I’ve lost count of everything they did for me.

friendship image

Do not choose friends because they are perfect, but because they help you be better.

A friend is that person who even without speaking you know what you are thinking.

A real friend doesn’t go away or let go of his hand; He loves and cares with all his heart

Our friendship goes beyond blood relationship and that’s why I consider you my best friend

Spending the day without annoying some friends gives the feeling that the day is not complete.

It’s wonderful to make new friends and even better when we can join them with our old friends.

I don’t need a thousand friends, I just want those who make me happy and show that they like me.

There are friendships that we must maintain forever, especially those in which one already knows too much about our life!

Wake up in the hope that today will be the best day of your life, for one day it will be! Have a great day, my dear friend!

Friends never say goodbye because they know no separation lasts forever. See you soon, my best friends!

In you I found the best friends and companions for life, and thank you for everything!

For the best friends I wish love, joy and the renewal of the best feelings.

Friends are God’s gifts that lead us to enjoy the best life has.

Full Of Feeling Status For Friend

Thousands of friends on facebook and still walk every day alone on the street!

Sometimes best friends are born and grow with us, but we only really recognize them when we mature.

To love life is to love your friends, because without them nothing makes sense in your daily life.

However hard or ugly the truth is, a true friend does not hide it for convenience.

I like to keep old friends because they know me better than anyone and know the value of a good friendship.

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True friends are responsible for the best smiles and genuine complicity.

The best philosophy of life is one that teaches you to keep friends in your heart.

I’ve never welcomed you, and I’m sure I’ll never say goodbye to our friendship!

Friends are made of the best fabric that in our lifetime warms us in the cold and supports us in the falls.

To be a good friend you don’t have to have a lot of money or power, just enjoy and be present.

A thank you to the best person I have ever met. More than my brother, you are my inspiration!

When we are with our old friends, time goes back and we are children again.

True friendship is not to say that everything will be all right; is to stay and fight together to make everything better.

A good friend need not always be present but will know how to make your presence felt even from a distance.

Someone said a serious friendship has to be crazy. If true I am surrounded by the best friends in the world.

Enemies can give you many reasons to give up, but anyone who has a friend has the best reason to continue living with hope.

Several studies prove that there is nothing better for the mood than having crazy friends always around.

friendshipday status

I am happy without limitations because I have by my side the best in the world. Thanks for everything.

Never forget that you are your best friend and your happiness just depends on your determination!

To friends who are always there, the best way to thank them is to give back with equal love and dedication.

Friends, thank you for staying in my life and proving me every day that you’re the best!

Do not choose friends because they are perfect, but because they help you be better.

Friendship does not happen by chance; Every friend you have by your side has been placed there to make your life better.

Rumors and lies do not destroy a friendship, for real friends first believe in the word of their friends.

We started as cousins, we lived together as brothers and today we are the best friends in the world.

I am not looking for jewelry or wealth; What I most desire is to maintain this union with my best friend.

Friends do not guarantee us victory in every battle, but they take care of our wounds whenever we suffer defeat.

Friends cannot eliminate the hardships of your life, but they will be your protection when you are about to fall.

We do not share the blood, but the love that is the most important. we share every minute, my dear friend.

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